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"I Witness"

Released December 15th 2015


Released December 15, 2014

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Gary Beck is a Canadian jazz fusion guitarist with a latin flare. Gary has done recording/session work, won the first Q107 Homegrown contest, recorded a children’s album, and written the music for a college production of Shakespeare’s “What you will”. Gary studied music at Humber College in their Jazz music program, prior to continuing his studies on the road and in recording studios across Canada. Gary performs as a jazz fusion guitarist playing traditional standards and popular pieces with a creative and percussive arrangement and original flare. Gary’s performances are enjoyed in supper clubs, wedding, corporate events and venues where he evokes an intimate and exciting atmosphere. His new album "I Witness" was released December 15, 2015 and is available in the iTunes Store or on his website.


You can find Gary's latest work on YouTube and SoundCloud. Be sure to check it out, enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to his channel!


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